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Brandi Grosjean, BS,Treasurer/Secretary

Brandi grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Windsor. She attended Windsor Elementary School, Erskine Academy, and then went on to the University of Maine at Farmington to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Brandi graduated from Farmington in 2006 and began teaching at Windsor Elementary School in January 2007.


During her time teaching she became aware of the Saving Smiles for Maine program run by Tracey Jowett, RDH. Tracey went into Brandi’s kindergarten classroom each year and provided not only weekly SWISH fluoride treatments and yearly dental care for underserved children, but also provided the entire class with dental education.  This fun and interactive dental education sparked numerous conversations about proper nutrition, proper dental care, and overall healthy living choices.


As an educator, Brandi saw the huge benefit that the children received from this nonprofit organization and its programming. The dedication and passion that Tracey has for serving underprivileged children through the dental care she provides encouraged Brandi to join her team.


Brandi is currently the treasurer and secretary of Saving Smiles of Maine, assisting in many of the administrative tasks involved with record keeping. Along with the work Brandi does through Saving Smiles, she also enjoys volunteering at her local church where she teaches Sunday School, is the treasurer of Windsor Christian Fellowship, and is part of the Servant Team. Brandi also enjoys volunteering at the Windsor Historical Society where she spins on their historic flax and wool wheels as well as weaves on their barn frame loom in the museum.


As a Windsor community member and mother of three young boys, Brandi says, “I am honored to be a part of the life-changing work done through Saving Smiles. I feel so blessed that God has put me in a position to serve others in our local and surrounding communities. Dental health and wellbeing is such an integral part of the overall health of each individual. I am so excited by the success of Saving Smiles for Maine and for the future opportunities this program has in serving the children of local Maine communities.”


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